Thursday, April 5, 2018

Current predictions for the first part of 2018

Predictions about Trump, current issues, and misc.
Trump will leave sometime in the current months (Spring, Summer, Fall) after the blue wave of Democrats come in, and after Mueller shows that he did indeed collude with Russia during the election, plus the matter of illegal taxes and business deals before and during presidency. Pence as President? No. Obama will come back to help. Possible new ‘quick’ election. Hillary may very well come back and claim the presidency. 
Melania: The marriage will be over, she will come out of her ‘first lady’ status and with Barron will become a voice for the suppressed woman and for children with special needs. She will start up her own line of fashion and thrive while Trump and his clan slink away into the dark (some will go to prison). Trials, newspaper headlines, book deals.
Ivanka: will have to suffer through countless legalities, but she too will pick up the pieces of her life and move on. Her clothing line will resurface and all will be well for her and her children. 
Hope Hicks already provided information that will be used against Trump. She had a Judas moment, caved and told the truth, somewhat out of revenge. It was a huge turning moment. 
The kids and the NRA: Smarter gun regulations will go into affect, eventually. It won’t be an all-out get rid of the guns situation, but a smarter and tighter restriction-based mentality. Eventually all rapid-fire guns will be banned from public use. You will have to sign up, pay a rental fee, then return it to lender. The anti-gun movement will go on just like the #metoo movement, and just like past issues that had its detractors, will continue. All social issues have their day, their champion, but it takes society a while to accept change. The kids in the movement are not actors or paid protestors, they have a higher moral intelligence and commonsense attitude. These are not yesterday’s children. They are gender fluid, highly intelligent (some, not all), they see through the flaws of the past, and they hate violence and lies and dogmatic ways of thinking. Their way will be simple, down-to-earth and no-nonsense. Sexual abuse, emotional abuse, excessive violence in TV and movies, drug culture, abuse by religion, etc. have led to this, not the guns. The older generation will have a hard time accepting this change but will come around eventually. We will all have to adapt or suffer in our old ways. 
The wall will not be built. Before Trump can truly get it going (he may start it, but not finish it) he will leave office and whatever wall that has been built will become a monument of freedom—like the Statue of Liberty. people from all over will want to come see the wall, write on it, take pictures, etc. All the parts of North America will finally become unified. 
Free health care will become standard and the kinks will be worked out. It needed to be adjusted, and that will happen.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Spirit Animals and Humans. Can't we all just get along?

photo credit: PMillera4 <a href="">Snowy Owl</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>

So let's say you never delve into the world of psychics, palm reading and crystal balls, and have moved through life thus far without any need to know what might be, what will be, and what's on the other side. I too have been there, and I am telling you that no matter how much you block your intuition from the spirit world, it does indeed exist. It's up to you to accept and acknowledge that existence.

Animas are the most immediate ways Spirit communicates with us. Obviously if you live in an apartment building or work in an office and spend most of your time isolated from nature, you're not going to get those messages easily. But I'll bet you still access social media. You see your aunt's cute cat photos on Facebook, or your boss's latest post about office productivity on his blog, or maybe your high school friend is into bird watching on Instagram. Have you ever noticed a synchronicity in these posts? Your boss might have an owl in his post that day, and then your aunt posts something about an owl conservatory in town, then your high school friend links you to an event at the local nature center, and what's the event? Owl watching. Later on someone in front of you at lunch is wearing owl earrings, and after work the person in the car next to you has a bumper sticker that says 'Owl be watching you, a**hole.' Congratulations! You have just been given a message from Spirit. What is it, and why should you care? That owl you keep seeing is a warning to watch out for something important that's about to happen in your life. Maybe you find out the next day that a coworker stole your idea for a promotion, or you get a call that your girlfriend is cheating, or maybe you get a security notice that your credit card has been stolen. That owl was a message: keep your eyes open, be aware, something might be about to happen.

The problem is, most people don't know their left hand from their right when it comes to these messages. The Native Americans revered animals as great totems of Spirit and worked alongside them on a daily basis. Sadly, what was once a great balance of human/earth/animal/spirit through time became one dominant entity: Human. No guidance. No connection. Yet the messages are still there. As long as we live on earth, Spirit will communicate with us through nature. Personally, I see this as a gift, and where is why.

This fall I was going through a stress related sickness and was growing despondent. I felt depressed, alone, and it was a struggle to get up in the morning, to eat and to stay positive. Each day I fought to get by with a quiet determination to be strong for my children, but really I was stuck in a fog of migraines and pain all over. In the midst of this, I began to receive visitations from Spirit. One day while sitting in my back yard, a hawk appeared out off nowhere and flew by my face, so close I could feel the air coming off its wings as it passed. Mouth agape, I knew it must be a sign. A few days later I took walk with my dog, and another hawk--this time much bigger--swept down in front of me and landed a mere few feet away. Once again, I was in awe and full of questions. This particular hawk held the presence of a shaman. It wasn't long before my legs stopped feeling like jelly, the pain stopped in my head, and my energy and mood slowly came back.

We are guided, all of us. It is not a curse, but a blessing to walk alongside nature. We are all spirits, and the earth is our teacher. We're here to help each other along, to bring each other comfort and healing. How could that ever be a bad thing?

Near the end of my health journey I was standing outside on a grey, dreary late-fall day. My energy wasn't the greatest as the same stress from before had remained, though I had found positive ways to deal with it. That day I looked up just in time to see a crane fly over my head. Cranes are water birds and hold a rare grace. Their wingspan is majestic and creates a soft drape as they fly. It was so quiet and serene, legs tucked straight out in a perfect formation. Like the shaman I had sensed in the hawk, I now felt the presence of a Japanese Angel, perhaps another type of healer as well. A great peace came over me that day. I was being blessed and healed. And more than that, I was being given a message of love.

We are never alone. We are not cut off or divided. In our minds, yes, but never in spirit. You will always receive guidance and protection, even if you don't know it is there to be received.

Animals, from domestic to wild, are much closer to the other side than we are. They fulfill their missions faster and thus have shorter, but no less important, lifespans than us. Our missions are more difficult and often involve mental and emotional decisions that stretch out into the world, and which require a greater complexity of loss and risk. Both missions have the same value: to lift the veil of complacency and to know love. Together we can provide each other the help we need. We can coexist peacefully and bring love to one another.

Thank you for reading.

Monday, March 5, 2018

The truth about spiritual ascension

photo credit: Li Ting Wang <a href="">Palladium boots</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>

I don’t know what triggers the process and why certain people ascend faster than others, but at some point we all go through a little (big) thing called ascension. One day you wake up and feel a calling to find out why you’re on earth, and like a caterpillar wrapping itself inside a cocoon, we awaken with a need to change and eventually spread our wings, not knowing the difficulty of such a transformative process.

One thing I have learned is that spiritual ascension is not a romantic process. Pictures of people sitting cross-legged on a blanket with the sun on their face and azure waves hitting a white shoreline, well . . . that’s stretching thigs a bit. Here’s a more accurate picture of what happens: Phil’s been having trouble at his job, his life, his relationship. His car is on the fritz, he can barely make ends meet, migraines knock him out every single day, he's tired all the time and it's at the point where he doesn’t even want to get up each soul-destroying day. He beings to ask why. Why am I here? Why is the world so messed up? Why am I so messed up? Asking a question opens a door in the universe. Problem is, the Universe talks through lessons. Why are you here, Phil? Well, let’s see, how about I make that job even tougher just to prove what you’re made of, what you’re willing to take, and how much self-love you have in a world that wants you to hate yourself.

You’ve opened a can of proverbial worms and must wallow through the dirt to make sense of it. Moments of despair are mixed with moments of euphoria. I hate my life . . . I love my life. I love the world—but look at all the terrible things happening around me. Then comes acceptance. You don’t have to be a perfect person to love yourself, or to accept the world as is. Open your heart. You are loveable, beautiful and strong--and the world is too. Forgive yourself, and forgive those who have hurt you as well. You didn’t know, but now you do know and it will be okay. Ascension is a multi-step process. A continuous rise to your higher self. Your most enlightened self, your true self. There is no final plateau. Be gentle, and remember, we’re all in this together.

As I said, with each step-up comes a new lesson. Know this, and it makes it a lot easier. And along with the outside challenges come a slew of physical symptoms. Knowing what they are will help you to forge ahead without wanting to give up. And it would be so easy to do that. But don't give up!

Depression. If you didn’t have it before, get ready to suddenly feel the ups and downs of the world. You are now connected to ALL, and with that, comes the realization of humankind's deepest sadnesses. You will pick up on it, but don’t let it destroy you. Know what are your true feelings are and what might be a universal roller-coaster sometimes called despair and other times joy. Know thyself, that’s the best way to discern these emotional waves. 

Headaches. Located in the middle of your forehead and the top of your head are the Third Eye and Crown Chakras--your key points to receiving from the cosmos. Headaches, sinus infections, ear, nose throat issues are all part of that unfortunately. Things are expanding. You’re a marshmallow in a fire pit, burning with fantastic truths. Okay, that was a stretch, but it helps to know that the hot, aching pressure are all part of ascension. Don’t freak out, my friend. You got this.

Fatigue. Yes, get ready to pass by every bed with a longing to squish your exhausted body into the covers and never get up again. The cogs are running fast and they need a break. Do yourself a favor and drink plenty of water and hit the sheets. Well, maybe not in that order or you’ll be snoozing next to the toilet. But you get the point. Stay hydrated, and stay rested.

Eating habits. If you know you are rising to a higher level you just might not want to cloud the old prism with any heavy, greasy or sugary foods. Some would suggest fasting once a week to purge out the crud, but it’s up to you and your doctor. Do what’s best for YOU.

Family and friends. This is a tough one. You can eliminate bad foods, thoughts, sleep-patterns and such, but how do you get rid of the toxic people in your life, especially when they are connected by blood? Well, you don’t. Not really. While you can’t get rid of those who are closest in your circle, you can set boundaries. The word is NO. Can I come over right now to talk about my crappy job for three hours and cry and smoke on your couch? NO. Why? Because, I have to get everything done on my list. Oh, come on, is your list more important than me? YES (tricked you there!) Okay . . . well, maybe some other time? It’s alarming to those who are used to the old pushover (you) to receive a negative response. But they’ll get used to it. Anyone who values you at all will respect your boundaries. And those who don’t—and believe me I know a few (the ones who get mad and do mean underhanded crap just to get back at you because they can’t handle what they perceive as rejection because they don’t truly love or respect themselves)—should be kept at arm’s length and seen for what they are: crippled souls with a hell of a lot to learn. Hint: It’s not your job to teach them a damn thing. They will learn on their own, believe me. Let’s just reiterate this fact: people who use revenge, gossip, cruelty, blame, shame to get what they want are not on the same spiritual path as you and they do not respect you or your time. Do not feel bad. You are on a divine mission. Feel sorry for them, but don’t feel bad. They have just royally f*cked themselves out of your beautiful company. It’s their problem.

So, this is the road you are on. The road to enlightenment. The road to personal truth. The more you walk that path, the more obstacles life will throw at you. Physical, emotional, people, things, events, etc. Take each of these as a sign that you are indeed moving in the right direction. The rewards come in timid and almost imperceptible packages. A gorgeous sunset. A great revelation. A new friend. A new opportunity. Each time this happens, you have the chance to pick and choose what is right and whether or not you truly value yourself. Fear is your greatest enemy. It hates the challenges and the obstacles. So be strong. Be open. Be fearless. You are on the right path. And you are not alone.


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Predictions on Trump

This is just for fun. I'm empathic and have been picking up several things on Trump for awhile now, take it or leave it as you please. No negative comments, please.

My thoughts on Trump . . .

He was completely surprised to have won and wasn’t at all ready, but that’s where his children come into play. They’ve been a great support, a comfort, and he’s extremely glad to have them in the White House. Even if they do not always agree or get along, he knows he can count of them for solid advice.

On the other side, he’s also relieved to have Melania and his son OUT. He does not want the distraction of being a husband/father through all of this. He doesn’t want Melania to have influence on his decisions and just wants her to be pretty, isolated, a good mother and not much else.She will however bring a lot of style to the White House and will unknowingly find a role as an ambassador to special needs children.

He knows about Russia hacking the elections and is indebted to them, but wants the whole thing to be forgotten. Unfortunately, Putin isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and there will be more information coming out about the hacking, as well as the prostitute situation. Pretty gross. Harsh communications ahead, tension, threats. China watches on in enjoyment.

Trump will be praised for bringing jobs back to the US, however, the rise in prices against a failing economy due to stock market fears (as well as a stalled housing situation) will put a damper on things. Gas prices will go up by summer and there will be much complaining about this. Trump will jokingly tell people to use a bus or ride a bike, but the contrast of his words against his lavish parties will bring bitterness to many. It will be clear to those who voted for him that the new president isn’t exactly all he pretended to be.

Any attempts to deport immigrants will be met with protests. His entire presidency will be one protest after the other, because Americans have woken up and want to protect the values of the constitution. Bernie Sanders will become a sort of ‘alt’ president for the common people. His humble, down–to-earth style will make him a father figure to many and will bring about a new revolution, much like the 1960s. College-aged students will start volunteering more, joining organizations such as Peace Corps, and there will be an upsurge of communes with organic farming as the main focus, spirituality, home schooling, and simple family values. Like Leave it to Beaver but with hippies.

There will an assassination attempt when Trump fails to deliver his campaign promises, but mostly because of his human rights violations, which will create a very unstable environment. Several sex scandals will reemerge, forcing him into more and more legal woes. There will be several constitutional/financial violations by Trump, and for this he may end up impeached. Pence is fine with this, he wants to be president and only sees his VP role as a stepping stone to the Oval Office. Trump will be in office for one-term only, and our next president will be a woman.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Reading for November 7, 2016

Fog (veiled), New Moon (promise) & Wunjo "JOY" (rune): 

Move out of the way, the new relationship you have been asking for is about to arrive. Have you been secretly wishing for someone to come along--someone who understands the deepest part of you, who will have your back, someone funny, kind and who will treat you the way you should be treated? Apparently they're about to arrive. From a dark, painful past relationship where lies and maybe even abuse was in the forefront, comes a partnership with no drama, no fear. It's time to heal, to open ourselves up and be cherished. And if love isn't what you want, maybe it's a new friendship, or self love. The truth is, we must love ourselves first NO MATTER WHAT. To match the vibration energy of that knight of shinning armor (or maiden) we must be in love with ourselves. Say: "I am beautiful, flaws and all. I love my flaws. I see my greatness. I am funny. I am wise. I am the perfect package. I love me. All of me. Nothing is wrong with me. I am perfect the way I am. I deserve love." And be happy about it. Dance. Laugh. Take care of yourself. And so it shall be.

Note: see the yellow in both cards? It's the light, the joy, the new love, cutting through all the pain of your past. Clouds may hang around for a short while, but they do go away eventually. It also tells me that the manifestations you made during this recent new moon are on their way.


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Reading for Sunday, November 6, 2016

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Wolf (Instinct) & Lotus Flower (Unfoldment) & Wunjo (Rune)—

If we all work together, beautiful things can happen. And if you work with Spirit, beautiful changes will occur in your life. You have the ability to connect and you are aligned with the energy of abundance. It's true! When we are born we are awake, and as we grow we fall asleep. The meaning of our lives is to slowly awaken once again to our divine ability, our divine self. Right now, you are perfect and everything is about to unfold the way it was meant to. You have the knowledge of all time, of all ancestries--it's in you. There is nothing we can't access and know, be, have. Nothing. Open yourself, use your natural born gifts to create the life you want. Say: I am my highest self right now. I lack nothing. And so it shall be.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Reading for the day—November 4, 2016—

If You Believe: 

There is a house or property you've been trying to acquire without much success. It means a lot to you spiritually and you have been disappointed in the past efforts. While you are fairly content living in the home you currently own this other place holds a sacredness close to your heart, so much that you can barely stop thinking about it, but you are afraid time is running out and someone else will get it instead. You must focus, stay positive, and manifest yourself into the situation. Stop being negative. Drive by the house, ask about the house, see yourself living there, see yourself happy there, tell yourself you already own the house, put aside part of your petty cash for a future down payment. Do anything you can to make it happen. Say: I can and I will. The magic is in your hands. Work with the divine to provide this fantastic opportunity and don't say no to you or anyone else. Make it happen.