Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Predictions on Trump

This is just for fun. I'm empathic and have been picking up several things on Trump for awhile now, take it or leave it as you please. No negative comments, please.

My thoughts on Trump . . .

He was completely surprised to have won and wasn’t at all ready, but that’s where his children come into play. They’ve been a great support, a comfort, and he’s extremely glad to have them in the White House. Even if they do not always agree or get along, he knows he can count of them for solid advice.

On the other side, he’s also relieved to have Melania and his son OUT. He does not want the distraction of being a husband/father through all of this. He doesn’t want Melania to have influence on his decisions and just wants her to be pretty, isolated, a good mother and not much else.She will however bring a lot of style to the White House and will unknowingly find a role as an ambassador to special needs children.

He knows about Russia hacking the elections and is indebted to them, but wants the whole thing to be forgotten. Unfortunately, Putin isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and there will be more information coming out about the hacking, as well as the prostitute situation. Pretty gross. Harsh communications ahead, tension, threats. China watches on in enjoyment.

Trump will be praised for bringing jobs back to the US, however, the rise in prices against a failing economy due to stock market fears (as well as a stalled housing situation) will put a damper on things. Gas prices will go up by summer and there will be much complaining about this. Trump will jokingly tell people to use a bus or ride a bike, but the contrast of his words against his lavish parties will bring bitterness to many. It will be clear to those who voted for him that the new president isn’t exactly all he pretended to be.

Any attempts to deport immigrants will be met with protests. His entire presidency will be one protest after the other, because Americans have woken up and want to protect the values of the constitution. Bernie Sanders will become a sort of ‘alt’ president for the common people. His humble, down–to-earth style will make him a father figure to many and will bring about a new revolution, much like the 1960s. College-aged students will start volunteering more, joining organizations such as Peace Corps, and there will be an upsurge of communes with organic farming as the main focus, spirituality, home schooling, and simple family values. Like Leave it to Beaver but with hippies.

There will an assassination attempt when Trump fails to deliver his campaign promises, but mostly because of his human rights violations, which will create a very unstable environment. Several sex scandals will reemerge, forcing him into more and more legal woes. There will be several constitutional/financial violations by Trump, and for this he may end up impeached. Pence is fine with this, he wants to be president and only sees his VP role as a stepping stone to the Oval Office. Trump will be in office for one-term only, and our next president will be a woman.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Reading for November 7, 2016

Fog (veiled), New Moon (promise) & Wunjo "JOY" (rune): 

Move out of the way, the new relationship you have been asking for is about to arrive. Have you been secretly wishing for someone to come along--someone who understands the deepest part of you, who will have your back, someone funny, kind and who will treat you the way you should be treated? Apparently they're about to arrive. From a dark, painful past relationship where lies and maybe even abuse was in the forefront, comes a partnership with no drama, no fear. It's time to heal, to open ourselves up and be cherished. And if love isn't what you want, maybe it's a new friendship, or self love. The truth is, we must love ourselves first NO MATTER WHAT. To match the vibration energy of that knight of shinning armor (or maiden) we must be in love with ourselves. Say: "I am beautiful, flaws and all. I love my flaws. I see my greatness. I am funny. I am wise. I am the perfect package. I love me. All of me. Nothing is wrong with me. I am perfect the way I am. I deserve love." And be happy about it. Dance. Laugh. Take care of yourself. And so it shall be.

Note: see the yellow in both cards? It's the light, the joy, the new love, cutting through all the pain of your past. Clouds may hang around for a short while, but they do go away eventually. It also tells me that the manifestations you made during this recent new moon are on their way.


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Reading for Sunday, November 6, 2016

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Wolf (Instinct) & Lotus Flower (Unfoldment) & Wunjo (Rune)—

If we all work together, beautiful things can happen. And if you work with Spirit, beautiful changes will occur in your life. You have the ability to connect and you are aligned with the energy of abundance. It's true! When we are born we are awake, and as we grow we fall asleep. The meaning of our lives is to slowly awaken once again to our divine ability, our divine self. Right now, you are perfect and everything is about to unfold the way it was meant to. You have the knowledge of all time, of all ancestries--it's in you. There is nothing we can't access and know, be, have. Nothing. Open yourself, use your natural born gifts to create the life you want. Say: I am my highest self right now. I lack nothing. And so it shall be.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Reading for the day—November 4, 2016—

If You Believe: 

There is a house or property you've been trying to acquire without much success. It means a lot to you spiritually and you have been disappointed in the past efforts. While you are fairly content living in the home you currently own this other place holds a sacredness close to your heart, so much that you can barely stop thinking about it, but you are afraid time is running out and someone else will get it instead. You must focus, stay positive, and manifest yourself into the situation. Stop being negative. Drive by the house, ask about the house, see yourself living there, see yourself happy there, tell yourself you already own the house, put aside part of your petty cash for a future down payment. Do anything you can to make it happen. Say: I can and I will. The magic is in your hands. Work with the divine to provide this fantastic opportunity and don't say no to you or anyone else. Make it happen.


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Reading for November 3, 2016

Dance (celebration), Rainbow (blessings), Music (harmony): 

Appreciate all that you have. Take a moment to sit down and really go over the blessings in your life. If you are at a low point and can't see beyond your current troubles, it really does help to remember those who are less fortunate, because believe it or not, there are people out there in worse situations. You may be going through some truly horrible times, but things change, things get better. Life is up and down and will get better again. You are asked to listen to music and dance the same way as when you were younger--maybe in your teens. It may seem silly, but why not at least try?Think about it, if things haven't been going well, does sitting around being miserable help or hurt the situation? I had the image of a caterpillar and heard 'inch by inch,' so think about how even the smallest action, one by one, each day, will help improve things. I'm feel that you do have many blessings but right now you are stuck in an overwhelming energy of lack and sadness, even boredom and disbelief that anything good can happen in the future. But that's just the ego tricking you. Things will improve, and will do so much faster when you open yourself to happiness and light. Again, take in the sunrise and sunset--there's something in it that is healing. Listen to music in your car, on your headphones,etc. Listen to the sound of the birds singing--there's something about that. Maybe it's the angels singing : ) you never know. Take care.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Reading for November 2, 2016

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Nine of Fire—

About to give up? Afraid you don't have what it takes to complete your heart's desire? Well, think again. You have come too far and worked too hard to give up, in fact, maybe you're closer than you think to finding success. All the hard work you've done would only benefit someone else if you stopped at this point, and why allow that to happen when you clearly deserve to be rewarded for all that effort? Maybe you feel the world has placed too many demands on your shoulders, but it was only because you were strong enough. Take it as a course in courage. The only one who didn't believe, was you, and now it's time to take the final exam: go for the gold--literally. Picture a gold medal in your mind with your name on it. All you have to do is run one more race and it's yours forever. I feel that it's time to look into developing your solar plexus chakra--located right above your belly button. To do so take a few deep breaths and imagine a bright yellow sun radiating into your body. Let it heal all the self-doubt, negative talk, and all the harmful words from other people that have belittled you. We all have a divine purpose in life, don't let anyone talk you down or steer you off your path. In reality, though jealous, most people do actually want to see us succeed because it means they'll be able to as well. Be that bright shining light to everyone. Say, I can. I am. I have great ability. I was born to do this. I love doing this. I am ready for success. And so it shall be. Amen. Shine.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Reading for November 1, 2016

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Meditation Brings Answers (from the Doreen Virtue Angel Answers oracle cards)

If you have been experiencing poor health and/or low energy, you are asked to take a break, take more naps, go to bed earlier, and if you can, to start a routine of meditation. Even five minutes a day would be beneficial. A very stressful period has just come to a head and you need to regenerate yourself before the Christmas season comes along. Find a peaceful spot in your home that would be best for a quiet activity, close your eyes, and listen to the sound of your breath. Let each breath rejuvenate and cleanse away all the worrying thoughts and fears you've been holding onto. Wear the color purple, gold, royal blue, use lavender oil, seek a more peaceful route in all that you do, wear, eat, think, etc. There is great energy and light inside and around you, and all you have to do is sit still and allow it to come in. If there is some truth, or some answer you have been asking of the Universe, this is how it will be revealed. It would be good to 'unplug' once in a while, and even a short walk in nature would do a world of good. Stay away from too much caffeine and sugar. Again, there is a great deal of high energy in you that is blocked and needs to match up with the divinity from your guides and angels. Take in the sunset and the sunrise--these are special times where you will feel most how much you are guided and loved from not only our angels but loved one who have passed on. Peace.