Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Predictions on Trump

This is just for fun. I'm empathic and have been picking up several things on Trump for awhile now, take it or leave it as you please. No negative comments, please.

My thoughts on Trump . . .

He was completely surprised to have won and wasn’t at all ready, but that’s where his children come into play. They’ve been a great support, a comfort, and he’s extremely glad to have them in the White House. Even if they do not always agree or get along, he knows he can count of them for solid advice.

On the other side, he’s also relieved to have Melania and his son OUT. He does not want the distraction of being a husband/father through all of this. He doesn’t want Melania to have influence on his decisions and just wants her to be pretty, isolated, a good mother and not much else.She will however bring a lot of style to the White House and will unknowingly find a role as an ambassador to special needs children.

He knows about Russia hacking the elections and is indebted to them, but wants the whole thing to be forgotten. Unfortunately, Putin isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and there will be more information coming out about the hacking, as well as the prostitute situation. Pretty gross. Harsh communications ahead, tension, threats. China watches on in enjoyment.

Trump will be praised for bringing jobs back to the US, however, the rise in prices against a failing economy due to stock market fears (as well as a stalled housing situation) will put a damper on things. Gas prices will go up by summer and there will be much complaining about this. Trump will jokingly tell people to use a bus or ride a bike, but the contrast of his words against his lavish parties will bring bitterness to many. It will be clear to those who voted for him that the new president isn’t exactly all he pretended to be.

Any attempts to deport immigrants will be met with protests. His entire presidency will be one protest after the other, because Americans have woken up and want to protect the values of the constitution. Bernie Sanders will become a sort of ‘alt’ president for the common people. His humble, down–to-earth style will make him a father figure to many and will bring about a new revolution, much like the 1960s. College-aged students will start volunteering more, joining organizations such as Peace Corps, and there will be an upsurge of communes with organic farming as the main focus, spirituality, home schooling, and simple family values. Like Leave it to Beaver but with hippies.

There will an assassination attempt when Trump fails to deliver his campaign promises, but mostly because of his human rights violations, which will create a very unstable environment. Several sex scandals will reemerge, forcing him into more and more legal woes. There will be several constitutional/financial violations by Trump, and for this he may end up impeached. Pence is fine with this, he wants to be president and only sees his VP role as a stepping stone to the Oval Office. Trump will be in office for one-term only, and our next president will be a woman.


  1. Amy, I let a few days pass before commenting because I don't have your prescience and needed to see what sort of drama Mr. Trump would inconvenience people with first. Turns out, your take is quite promising and becomes more so with each day. My compliments and admiration.

    1. Thank you, Geo. I appreciate you reading and commenting!

  2. Amy, it's 8 months later and your predictions are a mainly correct. Jobs returning to U.S. have yet to make major news, however, and gasoline prices tend to rise every summer but it's early days yet, even though 8 months along --and the ghostwriter of "The Art Of The Deal" has predicted Trump's resignation in the near future. I'd say your predictions are darn close so far.